An Introduction to the (Blog).

What’s up Internet. I’m Joe. I’ll be one of the people putting my opinion on this website. I spend most of my money on music, be it physical copies or at shows or on merch, and hence most of my time is dedicated to it. I’m also a second year student at UEA, so I’ll be balancing this with that with the stability and grace of a flamingo on ice. I hope you enjoy the things I talk about!

Things I should have coming soon:

  • Album Reviews: Deaf Havana’s “All These Countless Nights” and Lower Than Atlantis “Safe in Sound” to kick off February
  • January in summary: Top 5 records
  • A look to Festival Season
  • Game of the Month: January
  • Concert Review: Seaway @ Epic Studios, Norwich

I’ll basically be looking at the rockier side of things, whilst Ben, the other guy behind NMAB, will be looking at the world of Indie, and exchanging opinions throughout.

Ben and I are still finalising the setup of the site and associated stuff at the time of writing this, but hope this a decent enough intro. Catch you soon x

Photo: Tom Seago 2015

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