NEWS: Enter Shikari’s Rou Reynolds announces Deluxe Lyric Book

If I had to nail down one band that, as a high school kid, opened my mind to the sheer power of music to inspire, empower and ultimately feel emotion, it would be Enter Shikari. I first listened to them during the Flash Flood of Colour era, with their electronic influences providing the perfect gateway from EDM, which was all I ever listened to before, to the wider scene of Rock. To this day, Shikari are probably my all time favourite band and will always hold a very special place in my heart.


That aside, the songwright, Roughton “Rou” Reynolds, is also one of the most insightful men I have had the pleasure of following of Twitter (if you don’t already, go do that). Shikari are inherently a political band, their latest record The Mindsweep perfectly encapsulating that, and followers of the band know that through this, at present, the music of ES can deliver a message of hope. I’ll keep my ramblings about my love for this band brief. To know what inspires Rou to write, to create, especially given the global political situation at present, I would consider a further privilege.

That opportunity is now here, as earlier today Rou and the band both announced that DEAR FUTURE HISTORIANS – The Lyrics & Exegesis of Rou Reynolds for the Music of Enter Shikari  would be published through Faber Music, and releasing in early March. Limited to 2000 copies ‘Dear Future Historians’ is a “192 page deluxe limited-edition hardback book featuring rose gold foil inlay cover, sexy end papers plus a dainty page-finder ribbon.”  It does look rather beautiful if I don’t say so myself.


The book features extensive notes and essays by Rou on the inspirations behind many of the tracks. Pictured above is an excerpt from “Mothership” from debut record Take to the Skies. Each pre-order copy will come hand autographed by the full band. 

“each album ‘chapter’ includes related stand-alone singles / b-sides too”

For those who live near London, the band also announced a special release event, at Waterstone’s on Gower St in London’s West End. “The event happens on March 6th at 6pm and will feature Rou “in conversation” with journalist / author Will Hodgkinson, followed by a full band book signing session.” This is however, limited to those that pick up the book from Waterstone’s, and not those who, like me, have already copped a pre-order at the price of £34.99 (+P&P) from Enter Shikari’s webstore, here. There is also an option for a pre-order with a limited edition T-shirt bundle for a few extra quid.

Ultimately this is a collectors, deluxe item, yet one that will offer extra insight into some of the most fantastically crafted lyrics this century. Shikari are headlining Slam Dunk Festival in the UK this May (line-up below), for a special celebration of the 10-year anniversary since Take to the Skies was released.

Slam Dunk 2017 Line Up (as of 3/2/17)

So, sit down with a copy and brush up on this lyrics, to belt them out from the bottom of your heart. #StepUp

Enter Shikari also feature on our recent playlist. Give it a listen and let us know what your favourite track is!

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Dear Future Historians Pre-Order:—lyrics-and-exegesis-of-rou-reynolds-for-the-music-of-enter-shikari—signed-preorder/
Step Up HQ (Independent Clothing Label):
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