COMING SOON: George Ezra Album #2

In just under one year, George Ezra had sold over 1 million copies of his debut album ‘Wanted on Voyage’, and so, naturally, everyone wanted a piece of him. What followed was over 18 months of near-constant touring across America, Europe & the UK after its June 2014 release.

So, where’s he been since then? What’s he been up to? Well, we’ve not heard much from George, and there’d been no music until the December release ‘Me & You’, which was written for Channel 4’s adaptation of Michael Rosen’s ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’.

However, George has recently revealed lots of detail about his unofficial hiatus, which involved jigsaws, Norfolk and nudist beaches. Sounds like a raunchy getaway to Cromer that I’ve not been made aware of if you ask me, but it turns out he’s only gone and whipped up his bloody sophomore album. You can read more about that over at DIY Magazine’s page.

You can expect to see Mr. Ezra on the festival scene a lot this year, having already announced appearances at Parklife and Isle of Wight festival. I know George is fond of Latitude Festival (see tweet below), so I would expect him to be there this year playing some new material.


I had a rather surreal moment at Latitude 2016 when I was in touching distance of George. Sadly I’ve no photographic evidence, but I know he was wearing a Raleigh Ritchie t-shirt and I very nearly said “Nice shirt mate, I saw him supporting George Ezra in Brixton!”. The actual state of me. A few other festival-goers must have spotted him as there was talk of him being a surprise act, following on from Ed Sheeran’s surprise appearance in 2015.

Album #2 ought to be as good as, if not better than #1, as George is once again teaming up with producer Cam Blackwood and songwriter Joel Pott (former frontman of Athlete). It’s due some time in Summer or Autumn of this year, so we should be treated to a single or two before festival season comes around.

George features in our recent playlist, so give it a listen if you like. Let us know in the comments what other albums you’re looking forward to!

Photo credits:
Featured Image of George Ezra – BBC
Pink sheep – Latitude


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