GAMING: Uncharted 4’s ‘Survival’ gets a Hardcore Mode in new Update

In the latest Update of PS4’s flagship game, Uncharted 4, developer Naughty Dog has added a Hardcore version to the still relatively new Survival mode to give players that extra challenge.

The official patch notes detail how Hardcore mode is an “intense new difficulty tier [that] introduces higher stakes, giving players only one chance to make it through all 50 waves.” This means that if a team gets wiped completely, they don’t respawn on that wave- they’re done, and it’s back to the start. Brutal.

The new patch also sees the return of Classic mode to Uncharted 4’s test playlist. This is a “back-to-basics” mode featuring no in-game store, Mysticals, or Sidekicks, making it much more like original multiplayer from Uncharted 2. The update also adds a new ranked and qualifier systems, with ranked “seasons”

The full Version 1.20.055 Patch Notes can be found here.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End has won several awards since it’s release last year, including Best Performance from Nolan North (as Nathan Drake) and Best Narrative, as well as the Golden Joystick (and many other awards) for 2016’s Game of the Year.


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