WATCH: Taking Back Sunday unveil new music video for “Call Come Running”

 Taking Back Sunday’s latest video follows on from previous single, “You Can’t Look Back”, with a whole lot of… blood?

Yeah this is a weird one: check out the new music video for “Call Come Running” below. According to Rocksoundit features lead vocalist Adam Lazzara’s real father and family:

And in case you missed it, here’s the prequel, “You Can’t Look Back”.

Despite the blood and the stumbling and the general vibe of The Walking Dead, the track is another quality one from the emo-punk giants. Both of these tracks are taken from Taking Back Sunday‘s 7th studio album ‘Tidal Wave‘, which released last year on Hopeless Records. Give the album a listen below:

Taking Back Sunday are about to go on their UK tour with Frank Iero & The Patience , with varying support from Black Foxxes, Muncie Girls and Milestones. Dates are below- you don’t want to miss this one.




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  1. Andrew Marco says:

    Thanks for sharing this, I haven’t listened to Taking Back Sunday in quite some time, but it’s refreshing to see that they’re still making music. What’s your all-time favorite song of theirs?


    1. Joe Weston says:

      Hey Andrew! Glad you liked the post, and yes they’re still about and touring! I’d say my favourite would still have to be “Cute Without the E (Cut from the Team)”, with close follow ups from “You’re So Last Summer” and “Call Me in the Morning”! What about yourself?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Andrew Marco says:

        I think we both have the same favorite, if I had to choose one, I’d have to hands down select ‘Cute Without the E.’ It’s a classic, I think it’s the song that really made me like them.

        I really love your shares and your blog. If you’re on FB you should come join our community. We’re a group of music lovers, sharers, and writers, and you’d be great in it!

        Check us out:


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