never miss a beat

You know, like that Kaiser Chiefs song? What do you mean it’s old?

We’re a collective of students and young people from Norwich and Southampton that are passionate about music of all genres and so this is where we will write about what we care about. Pretty simple, right?

NMAB, est. February 2017, will cover news new releases, festivals and tours in the UK. We’ll be offering our two pence on albums, live concerts we attend, artists we think deserve some attention and just other stuff we think is important and worth a moment of your time to read.

Our genres include: Indie, Rock, Pop Punk, Alternative, Acoustic, Emo, Hardcore, and all the sub-genres you can imagine.

We’ll also try to cover the odd bit of other entertainment because we’re mostly nerds. Expect news from the world of gaming, film, y’know, standard stuff.

We hope you enjoy our ramblings.

Peace, Love, Solidarity and Unity,

Ben and Joe @ NMAB x